Monday, August 29, 2005

Finally Home!

Well, 4000+ miles total we arrived here around 4:30 in the morning! Woot! Home! Actually get to sleep in my bed! And after 6 hours of sleep, I still feel the lag from the trip, the sting of the vibration of the bikes upon my hands and feet. A great nuisance this feeling is. Though we did make it cross the country driving a motorcycle that vibrates more than a cell phone that's constantly called, and on silent mode. The vibration from the bike runs along your entire body, and the feeling continues as you lay down trying to catch some shuteye for the grueling ride that you know lies ahead within the next 4-6 hours. As the days trekked and hours waned when we finally arrived within Chicago, a great rush of satisfaction flowed through most minds. It was a big city, and we finally had made it, even if we were about 2 days behind. This rush would last the next few days. Being able to get to destinations when the sun was out, able to drive around, and reap some enjoyment of our accomplishment thus far.
However, the rush we felt was quickly turned back to the rampant emotions felt through Nebraska and Illinois as we drove till 4 in the morning to get to Pottsville. Because of those emotions many felt we should just stop as soon as we got to New York, and head home. When we arrived in Montgomery and, understandably, were not given much thought as we stood outside OCC along with many fans who were awaiting someone, anyone to walk out and sign shirts, papers, or pictures. We stayed the night to try again the next days as we were asked to do by Sr. After friendly persistence, our tiny bikes, and curiosity among some of the workers, we finally were given notice and as you can see from the pictures, a friendly welcome by the stars of OCC.
On to New York, where we were pulled over enough to make us think we're some kind of outlaw driving this dinky dizzy bike here. Were we crazy? Well, every one that pulled us over said we were. We packed up the bikes, found the apartment we were to call home the next 2 nights, ate, partied, and crashed. After waking up at 12, we decided to tour the town. Seeking to see Times Square, and most importantly (for me) Ground Zero. Where I stood reflecting upon that tragic day, how my own life was going, and allowing tears of remembrance fall for those who no longer stand.
Before leaving New York, we said farewell to those who decided to end the trip there, and drove onto DC, where we arrived shortly after the sun fell. We walked up to the DC Monument and shortly after walked through the WW2 memorial. Within the memorial, for those who have not seen it, there is one pond that is still, the only ripples within the water are those made by the wind, which states, "Here we mark the price of freedom." On the back wall of this pond are 4,224 stars, which are aptly reflected within the still pond.
Colin had 2 friends walk up and meet us after we left the memorial and we ate dinner, a short break to prep us for the long trek back home.
I am unsure as to where I will post my pics, as I do have over 200 stored within this computer, it will be posted online somewhere. Many of the pics Guy has, maybe he can take care of that for me. But rest assure, they will be accessible to everyone sometime soon.

- Kenny


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